execution procedure

Execution procedure

After a favourable judgement has been obtained from the competent court, we shall first give your debtor another opportunity to proceed with payment and to comply with the judgement voluntarily.

If your debtor does not respect the court decision, we can proceed to enforce the judgement.

The bailiff will have to serve the judgement or the enforceable title on your debtor. This is usually accompanied by the service of a payment order.

With the payment order, your debtor is given one last chance to respect the judgement.

From the service, a period of 30 days starts to run in which your debtor can possibly lodge an objection or appeal. Your debtor is given a period of time to challenge the judgement.

In the event that your debtor does not proceed with payment and also does not lodge an objection or appeal in time, we can jointly decide on further enforcement measures.

In a judicial execution procedure, there are several execution measures that can be taken on the basis of the enforceable title:

  • The executive attachment of a movable asset; 
  • The executive attachment of immovable property; 
  • The executive distraint (attachment of wages, of bank accounts, etc.);
  •  The executive attachment of future crops;
  • The executive attachment of a vessel or boat.

Once the attachment has been executed by the bailiff, the assets attached may be put up for public sale. It is from the proceeds of this sale that your claim will be paid.

Throughout this execution procedure, we remain in close contact with the bailiff and follow up every step of the way. As soon as decisions have to be made about the next steps, they will be discussed with you first. In doing so, we will always endeavour to provide you with comprehensive advice before you have to make a decision.

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