Our vision

STUDIO | LEGALE exists for more than 10 years and is a young and dynamic law firm with only one goal in mind: to provide fast and pragmatic assistance in legal matters. In contrast to the trend towards more niche offices, STUDIO | LEGALE strives to be a full service office in terms of the M&A practice. In our M&A unit we have specialised lawyers with knowledge and expertise in all forms of transfers, acquisitions, mergers and demergers. The interaction with other lawyers within STUDIO | LEGALE with specialisations in related branches of law, such as liability law, commercial leases and insurance law, is an important asset when drawing up a due diligence checklist. The M&A practice brings together various branches of law and we anticipate this with the aim of helping you in the best possible way.

As far as fees are concerned, you will never be surprised, because we tell you everything about rates and costs right from the start. That is clear and honest. We offer you knowledge in specialised fields at competitive rates. Would you like more information? Then we will gladly provide you with it during an initial noobligation meeting. Please make an appointment with the office.

Our target group

STUDIO | LEGALE represents a very diverse clientele,

ranging from small individuals and SMEs to real estate giants and multinationals. Our office also assists governments, autonomous municipal companies, utility companies and investment companies. We have no doubt that we can help you.

Our expertise

From a starting SME to a thriving multinational, we assist you both at crucial moments and in the day-to-day running of your business. We offer advice to starting entrepreneurs as well as assistance to established companies in their further growth. Our team has extensive expertise in drafting a wide range of commercial contracts and will also assist you in all possible negotiations and legal procedures.

  • You need a legal help in any kind of restructuring?
  • You are about to take over or sell a business?
  • You want to draw up a due diligence report? 
  • You want to legally structure your partnership in a shareholder agreement?
  • You want to draw up a Share Purchase Agreement (SPA)?

In short, we assist you during every possible step of your desired M&A transaction.

Why choose STUDIO | LEGALE?

5 reasons to work with STUDIO | LEGALE for an M&A transaction:

1. Thorough knowledge and quality assurance. With our multidisciplinary team, we can provide you with sound legal assistance in the wonderful world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We always try to find qualitative and pragmatic solutions for all obstacles that may arise during an acquisition process. The interaction between our specialised M&A cell and the other cells within STUDIO | LEGALE ensures a wide range of expertise.

2. The team. STUDIO | LEGALE invests in its people. The STUDIO | LEGALE lawyers are highly motivated lawyers who will always put their clients’ interests first. They have been in the M&A business for a long time and have assisted in several acquisitions in the past.

3. Continuous education. The recent tsunami of new laws

obliges us to undertake continuous training anyway. In addition, we like to make updates on all sorts of topics and we are always studying all aspects of the law. The M&A practice in particular is the subject of a lightning-fast evolution that is constantly reinventing itself. A specialist in the field is certainly no unnecessary luxury. Moreover, you can read our contributions on our website (, via LinkedIn or via Facebook. We are also proud authors on JUBEL ( We also enjoy giving internal and external training courses and webinars.

4. Amicable and practical solutions. STUDIO |LEGALE aims for the most efficient result possible. Sometimes a good agreement is better than a bad process. We always try to solve cases amicably. If this is not possible, we try to achieve the best possible result in court. We always keep your interests and the concrete, best and quickest result in mind.

5. International network. STUDIO| LEGALE wants to be a full service office. Our service therefore does not end at the Belgian borders.

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