extrajudicial debt collection procedure

Extrajudicial debt collection procedure

After we have a complete overview of all your debtors and outstanding invoices, a collection procedure can be initiated. The procedure will be started by sending a reminder to your debtor.

A short and strict reminder will be sent to your debtor in order to obtain a spontaneous payment. Of course, the reaction of your debtor can never be predicted in advance. It may be that your debtor never responds to the reminder, in which case legal proceedings may have to be initiated.

In the event that your debtor does not dispute the invoices and wishes to pay the outstanding claim, we will take the necessary steps to follow up the payment. If your debtor requests an instalment plan, this will first be discussed with you before approval can be given.

If your debtor disputes the outstanding invoices, we will carefully examine the disputes and try to refute them in the best possible way. When writing to your debtor, we always consult you.

The main objective is to obtain payment from your debtor.

In short, during this phase of the collection procedure, we do

everything possible to collect the outstanding debts without starting legal proceedings.

If the above-mentioned amicable collection procedure has not led to any result, your file will be re-evaluated. We will look into other possibilities of recovery and will always try to draw up a new plan of action from a procedural-economic point of view.

We will proceed to advise you whether legal proceedings would be useful and the decision will be left to you whether to summon your debtor or to close the case.

We try to give each case a personalised approach!

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