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If you are suspected of a crime, we can assist you from the first contact with the justice system or police until the possible execution of the sentence. Even if you are wrongly suspected of a crime, it is in your best interest to be assisted professionally from the start.

We always go for a tailor-made defence, starting from the first interrogation. This is done in complete confidentiality.

Based on the elements of the criminal investigation, we will look for the most appropriate defence. This can be before the criminal court, but we also examine the possibilities of an alternative settlement

We will check for you whether all procedural rules have been correctly complied with during the criminal investigation, as well as conduct your defence with regard to the question of guilt, punishment and any compensation for victims.

We can assist you in criminal cases before the police court, the correctional court, the court of appeal, the Assize Court and the Court of Cassation.

Someone who is in pre-trial detention (after an investigating judge has issued an arrest warrant) should absolutely benefit from the assistance of an experienced criminal lawyer. For example, we can inspect the ongoing criminal investigation, we discuss this with the client in prison, after which, in consultation with the client, his defence is built up and we can assist him or her before the pre-trial chamber (or in case of appeal the ‘chamber of indictment’) to try to obtain the release. This can often be obtained, provided that the proposed conditions are fulfilled (bail, electronic surveillance, restraining order, …).

Finally, we also provide assistance before the ‘sentence enforcement court’, where we work out a suitable rehabilitation plan with the client.

Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment or ask any additional questions via mail at [email protected].

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