EuroCollectNet is a very extensive European network with a strong focus on Debt Collection. Through the EuroCollectNet network, lawyers from all over Europe work together to offer a full service in the field of debt collection throughout Europe.

EuroCollectNet profiles itself as a highly specialized network. In order to guarantee the quality of this network, only one member per country is admitted on the basis of extensive screening. In 2017, Joost Peeters became the exclusive Belgian member because of his expertise with debt collection.

The clientele that has already found a solution for unpaid invoices via EuroCollectNet is very diverse and includes banks, insurance companies, public authorities, SMEs, utility companies,….

The membership of Joost Peeters in the EuroCollectNet network ensures that STUDIO | LEGALE can act very effectively as a FULL-SERVICE law firm in the field of debt collection. Clients do not have to worry about collecting debts across national borders. Through EuroCollectNet, we can always call upon a reliable partner in virtually any country, including


outside the European Union. In this way, the difficult and uncertain search for a foreign lawyer is completely avoided and STUDIO | LEGALE takes on this task with a guarantee of quality via the EuroCollectNet network.

Moreover, the usefulness of the EuroCollectNet is not limited to the field of debt collection. Members of the network can of course also be called upon in other areas of expertise. If a certain matter is outside their expertise, they will of course refer to an expert in this field from their country.

Lastly, EuroCollectNet is a member of several international networks of high standing such as FCIB, AILFN, American Lawyers Quarterly and General Bar Legal Network. This provides yet another exponential expansion of STUDIO | LEGALE’s network, which contributes all the more to the one-stop-shop character of our office.

The EuroCollectNet thus strengthens STUDIO | LEGALE as a FULL SERVICE law firm and provides a guarantee in maintaining the quality of service in (European) cross-border cases.

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