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Yannick Lauwers obtained in 2021 his Master of Laws degree cum laude at the KU Leuven. During his studies, he majored in economic law and minored in private law. During this time, he developed a special interest in company and corporate law. In April 2021 he was sworn in as a lawyer at the Antwerp Bar and joined STUDIO | LEGALE Lawyers.

He fluently speaks and writes Dutch and English and get by in French.

Ruben Brosens was awarded a Masters of Law degree in 2017 at the University of Antwerp (UA). During his general masters program, he developed an interest in company law, more specifically corporate law. Therefore he subsequently started and successfully completed the Master after Master in Corporate Law at the KU Leuven in 2018. On the third of September 2018 he was sworn in as a lawyer at the Antwerp bar and he joined the team of STUDIO | LEGALE.

He fluently speaks and writes Dutch, English, French; Additionally, he has a sound spoken and written knowledge of the German language.

Laurie Peer was awarded a Master of Laws degree by the University of Antwerp (UA) in June 2014. During her studies, she developed an interest in Civil Law and Liability Law. In September 2014, Laurie Peer joined the Bar of Antwerp and joined the STUDIO | LEGALE team, where she further specialized in Liability, Insurance and Insolvency Law. She was awarded the certificate for the course of liquidator in bankruptcy proceedings in 2017 and she got a post-graduate in liability law and insurance law. She is a certified mediator in civil and commercial matters and followed a course in social affairs at the renowned bMediation (BBLC vzx and BCI) in 2020, which she successfully completed.

She fluently speaks and writes Dutch, French and English.

Joost Peeters, co-founder and partner of STUDIO | LEGALE started his Law Studies at the University of Antwerp (UA) and graduated via the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) at the University of Rome (ROMA LUISS) prior to joining the Bar of Antwerp in 2001. He is specialised in Insurance Law, Company Law (legal assistance in various takeovers and share transfers), Business Law, (Commercial) Tenancy Law, Contract Law, and Traffic Law. He is liquidator/curator in bankruptcy proceedings and he assist companies that are in difficulties (mainly in cases governed by the Belgian Continuity of Enterprises Act). He was sworn in as Deputy Justice of the Peace in Antwerp and is also a Legal Assessor for the Belgian Architects’ Association and Administrator. Joost PEETERS is holder of the Special Training Certificate for Belgian Criminal Cassation Proceedings. He recently obtained the DPO (Data Protection Officer) Degree concerning the new GDPR at the esteemed DPI (Data Protection Institute). He is a certified collaborative negotiator and certified mediator in civil and commercial matters. He also followed a course in mediation in social affairs in 2020.

He speaks and writes Dutch, French and English fluently and can get by in Italian and German.

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